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This week Paige, one of our excellent dental nurses at FHDC, assisted Mr Campbell with a dental implant placement. You might not be able to tell… but she has an absolutely beaming smile behind her surgical mask.

As dental implants are quite a complex procedure, we actually have two dental nurses assisting in the surgery to help ensure everything runs smoothly.

At Far Headingley Dental Care we use very high quality Swiss dental implants made by Straumann. These are very reliable and offer an excellent solution for missing teeth.

For more information please visit our dental implants page.

If you have missing teeth or are considering dental implants, you can book a free consultation with Mr Campbell to discuss your needs.

Straumann dental implants cost from £2249.50 at FHDC.

Thank you Paige for your excellent work during the implant placement. There will be lots more of them for you to assist Robert with over the coming months.

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