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It’s coming towards the end of the school holidays so what every parent needs when they’re running out of entertainment options is a trip to our dental therapist Becky at FHDC!

OK that’s probably not up there for most families but for Mr & Mr Precious and their daughters it’s quite normal to encourage their girls to come into the practice.

After a dental check-ups last week with their Mum, the girls have been in today to see Becky for a ‘disclosing session’ where a special dye is painted onto the teeth to see how effective their brushing has been. This was followed up with fluoride application and fissure sealant treatment which both help protect their new adult teeth which are starting to come through.

Encouraging children to visit their dentist from a very early age helps them take responsibility for their oral health. It also helps ensure that any issues can quickly be identified and resolved before they become a problem. Both girls were counting to 4 as they brushed their teeth last night. We might need to ask Becky to ask children to count in their heads though as there was a lot of toothpaste spraying over the two of them in the bath room last night!

If you would like more information about children’s dentistry at FHDC please call us or find out more…

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