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We’re really lucky at Far Headingley Dental Care to have such a lovely team to work with. It’s not always easy though to get everyone together (with their partners) and relax and spend time together. Luckily we managed to squeeze in a Summer BBQ at the practice this year on Friday after work. Everyone chipped in together making salads and cakes and Adrian was sent outside to do the cooking (with Rob on the Veggie grill). It was particularly nice nice to have the kids their too. It was all going quite well until the dogs (Herbie, Magnum & Daisy) started getting too playful outside. We blame Herbie as he might have had one too many sausages and got carried away!!

A particular big thank you for Megan who made a lovely Birthday cake for Rob Campbell.

‘Happy Birthday to you,… Happy Birthday to you…!!’


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