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Composite bonding is a treatment in which tooth coloured composite resin is bonded to the teeth and sculpted into the desired shape to give natural looking results. It is a very versatile treatment option becoming increasingly popular with both patients and dentists seeking minimally invasive smile improvements. In the following case I used composite bonding to treat gaps in the patient’s smile without damaging the natural teeth underneath and the best part for the patient, no injections!


This patient came to see me for a consultation wanting to improve the appearance of his teeth. His main concerns were the gaps and colour of the teeth, particularly the patchy brown marks. He also didn’t like some old composite bonding he had placed years ago to repair a chipped front tooth.

During any smile consultation I take clinical photographs to help plan each case in the most bespoke way possible. Using these photographs and some “mock ups” to help visualise potential treatment, we discuss the various options. We had considered using Invisalign to straighten the teeth but the picture below helps us visualise what the outcome will look like without any Invisalign treatment. This saved the patient the cost of Invisalign treatment.


We opted to whiten the teeth using some Boutique home teeth whitening followed by composite bonding to close the gaps, improve the tooth shapes and help mask some of the more stubborn brown marks.


3 weeks later and we have a great whitening result, time to place our composite bonding.

Rubber dam was used to isolate the teeth to protect against any moisture contamination from saliva. This is an absolute must when looking to achieve long lasting results.



The old composite bonding was carefully removed and the new composite hand layered in a single visit. After some polishing we have a result that the patient was thrilled with.


If you think composite bonding could help give you your ideal smile or if you would like more information then please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also register as a new patient 24/7 via our online booking system.

Dr Chris Beech
FHDC Dentist
BDS, Birmingham (2016), GDC 265542


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