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“I’ve just had my routine dental hygienist visit with Becky. If I’m honest, I’ve left it longer than I would have liked (which is silly really as my office is directly below Becky’s dental surgery). My excuse of being ‘too busy’ doesn’t really cut it does it.

I brush my teeth twice a day with an Oral B oscillating electric tooth brush. I haven’t been flossing or using Te-Pe inter-dental brushes though and frankly this has left me with a need for a really, really good clean from Becky today. Plaque around my wisdom teeth and between my back teeth in those tricky to reach areas for a toothbrush had hardened which meant “CALCULUS”… that stuff that only a dentist or dental hygienist can scrape away before it starts rotting teeth.

After 20 minutes and a lovely polish afterwards my teeth look and feel fantastic. Thank you Becky. I promise I will take on board your advice. I’ve got some new pink and red Te-Pe brushes and I will get the floss out of the bathroom cabinet tonight.

Fortunately there was no lasting damage and if I motivate myself, it well ensure that there shouldn’t be in the future too.

So the Golden Rule…Don’t delay your dental hygienist appointments. Being reminded about what makes up a good oral hygiene routine will keep your mouth healthy (and save the cost and inconvenience of restorative dental treatment). If your technique has ‘lapsed’ and if a hygiene visit is not left too long, your hygienist will get you back on track!”

Adrian Precious

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