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Invisalign teeth straightening is a popular celebrity cosmetic dentistry procedure. Whilst many celebs pretend that they ‘haven’t had any work done / my smile is natural’, the rising Goth Pop Princess Billie Eilish has instead made it part of her new album and her latest video Bad Guy.

At the start of the video (and the start of her critically acclaimed new album
‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where do we Go?’) you can hear an audible slurp and she jokes, ‘I have taken out my Invisalign, and here is my album’. In the video Billie then breaks through a wall and gives her clear brace retainers to a leather clad man to hold before breaking into the song.

Like many 17 girls who haven’t been happy with their smile, she’s wanted to do something about it and has chosen Invisalign as a solution. Unlike many though, she’s happy to make a joke about teeth straightening and that attitude has to be empowering to others who may be self conscious about receiving orthodontic treatment.

‘Billie who?’ you might be asking yourself. After the squeaky clean pop stars of recent years of the like of Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, it was only inevitable that someone with more of an edge would appear in the scene. With 5/5 reviews from NME and with music critics struggling to put her in a box, be sure there will be imitators soon copying her style and her smile (when she’s not being sultry… like most 17 year old girls!)

Billie Eilish showing off her Invisalign again! from r/Invisalign

Billie jokes around with her Invisalign braces

So has Billie made wearing Invisalign cool? With fans already sampling the slurp and her removing her retainers and posting on You Tube on a loop, we guess the answer is a yes. With over 16 million Instagram followers be sure that if you are a parent reading this, your kids will know about her, and may well be asking you to fund their Invisalign clear braces soon!!

Invisalign is available at FHDC and free consultations are available if you would like to see if you are suitable. Please use our contact page.

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