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Dental Composites

Dental composites are used for providing cosmetic improvements by changing the colour and shape of disfigured teeth.

Dental composite is used by your dentist in layers to gradually build up the shape and structure of a damaged tooth. When the process is finished, the dentist will shape the composite ensure that it looks natural and fits well will your other teeth. Here we have before and after dental treatment photos showing how dental composites can improve the shame, structure and appearance of teeth.

Before and after dental treatment photos of dental composite tooth repair.

Natural appearance

Dentists have access to a wide range of composite materials. As a wide range of tooth colours are available, your dentist will be able blend shades of composite to create a colour which is identical to your natural tooth.

Stronger teeth

As dental composites are bonded to your remaining tooth, this can help strengthen the tooth, prevent breakages and even insulate the tooth from temperature changes which could cause cracked teeth. There has now been sufficient research to suggest that dental composites have similar longevity to silver colour dental amalgam fillings whilst having the benefit of being natural looking.

Dental composites white fillings

These images show the impact of replacing silver amalgam detal filling with white composite dental fillings.

White Composite Fillings

Benefits of dental composites

  • Highly versatile dental material
  • Used for damaging decayed or damaged teeth
  • Natural appearance to match your existing teeth
  • Can be as hard wearing as silver amalgam fillings


What is a dental composite?

Dental composite is a mixture of synthetic resin and silica and other materials that is used by your dentist to repair damaged teeth. The flowable composite is applied by your dentist in thin layers and is hardened with a special during light.

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