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Implant replacement of missing molar

“This patient lost a molar tooth on the lower left side and subsequently noticed that she wasn’t comfortable chewing food on the left side of her mouth. We had a discussion as to the available options and after a full assessment including a small area CT (Computed Tomography) scan, a decision was made to place a dental implant which would be used to support a tooth-coloured crown.


The ideal position of the dental implant was digitally planned and a Surgical Guide prepared. A Surgical Guide is used to collect accurate 3-D information from the planning stages, and is used at the time of implant placement to achieve a high level of accuracy.


A Biohorizons dental implant was placed under local anaesthetic and at the end of the day a phone review was made with the patient, where it was confirmed that she was comfortable. Over-the-counter painkillers were used on the day of the implant placement, but the patient found that she did not need to take any after that. After leaving the area for eight weeks to allow the implant surface to become integrated with the patient’s bone, we were able to confirm excellent healing and a tooth-coloured crown was attached to the implant.


In this case a dental bridge would have been unstable in function, and a partial denture was declined by the patient as she desired a fixed solution. This is a situation where a dental implant is the most ideal choice of restoration.”

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