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Are dental implants the solution for you? It is not unusual to suffer from confidence issues of missing or loose teeth and many people visit FHDC because they are embarrassed to smile.

It’s not just confidence issues too. We also get told by people that they don’t like that they find it difficult to eat their favourite foods, enjoy a steak or even bite an apple.

There are various options to replace missing teeth including dentures, dental bridges and dental implants.

Dental Implants offer a truly fixed solution which means you will regain confidence with the smile you have always dreamed of. You will be able to eat your favourite foods without pain or discomfort.

Before and after dental implant placement

At FHDC we deliver exceptional patient care and offer bespoke treatments using the highest quality dental implants equipment available today from BioHorizons.

To book a free consultation please call the practice on 0113 2751323 or use our contact form.


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