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FHDC’s Practice Manager Gemma discusses a recent training course she attended…

“Working as a Dental Nurse no longer means a role in which you just assist a dentist. Dental Nurses can now expand their Scope of Practice and learn extra skills such as applying fluoride, taking radiographs and giving oral health education.

As FHDC’s Practice Manager I am dual qualified and have been practicing as a Dental Nurse since training in 2004. I have also gained my management diploma whilst working at FHDC (which was funded by the practice owners). Continuing Professional Development is a compulsory requirement to be registered as a dental professional with the General Dental Council (G.D.C.). I regularly attend training and development courses and recently completed a course to enable me to take Dental Impressions.

Dental Impressions are taken for a variety of reasons and treatments such as Crowns, Bridges, Teeth Whitening and Short Term Orthodontics such as Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth.

The course involved a refresher in anatomy before getting hands on experience in a dental training suite fitted with fantom heads. It soon became clear it wasn’t as easy as our Dentists make it look! Taking impressions requires accurate positioning of the impression tray as well as loading the putty like material correctly to avoid air bubbles. However with a little practice I soon moved onto taking impressions on the volunteers on the course. The impressions were graded and recorded into a portfolio. I will continue to build on these skills by taking impressions for Dentists following a prescription given.

One of our most popular treatments is Teeth Whitening. At FHDC we have Boutique and Enlighten Whitening. Both treatments require Dental Impressions to make custom made Whitening trays. These trays are soft and flexible and are worn during the night after carefully filling with Whitening gel. After a period of 14 nights you will see a lift in the colour of your teeth. Whitening gels will not damage your teeth or the soft areas of your mouth when used correctly which is why it’s important Teeth Whitening is only carried out by a Dental Professional.

Having an extra team member who can complete extra duties enables the practice to offer a more efficient service and a larger choice of appointments”.

FHDC’s Practice Manager – Gemma Lapsley


If you would like to know more about any of our treatments mentioned above please call our reception team on 0113 2751323 to arrange your next examination or a consultation with our treatment co-ordinator.

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