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At Far Headingley Dental Care we are used to looking after special little people. Today was a slightly unusual case for Dr Precious as she had to perform an extraction on her daughter (age 5).

When her duaghter was two she fell over at nursery and banged her front tooth on a dolls house. The tooth subsequently died and went grey. Three years later and her adult teeth are starting to form beneath her baby teeth. Mrs Precious hoped that these teeth would develop normally and the old dead tooth root would be absorbed and the tooth would come out as normal. Unfortunately this didn’t happen and she has suffered from a reoccurring abscess beneath the tooth which meant an extraction was required to take away the pain. Antibiotics were tried but didn’t work.

This is the first time that Dr Precious has performed such a procedure on one of her daughters and as any dentist who has children will tell you, its not an easy thing to do. She was very brave though and the tooth is now ready to take home for the Tooth Fairy.

At FHDC we provide free dental examinations for children under 16 when they attend with a registered adult. For more information and to make an appointment, please give us a call on 0113 275 1323.

Bella at FHDC Dentist in Leeds

Big Smiles at Leeds Dentist FHDC

Dental Nurse Sheridan

Dr Precious Dentist in Leeds

Dr Precious and Dental Nurse in Leeds

Happy Smiles after Dentist Leeds

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