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At FHDC it is important that we have a happy and healthy team as we believe that this helps create a positive experience for our patients.

‘Fresh Fruit’

You are what you eat… We keep a fresh fruit bowl in the staff room so there is always a tasty, healthy snack available throughout the day. FHDC’s Business Manager Adrian started his career in the food industry and holds various food science qualifications. He believes in the ‘5 a day’ principal and knows that people are more likely to grab a healthy snack when its left out for them…. It’s also great for Adrian when he forgets his lunch!


To be successful we strive for effective communication. We ask that everyone share their ideas, challenges and opportunities. By talking we find solutions to ensure that we continue to delivery the best dentistry we can at FHDC in a very positive environment.

Are you looking for a career within a dental practice like ours? Whilst there may not always be an opportunity available, we always like to hear from Dentists, Hygieneists, Dental Nurses and Receptionists who feel that they add to making Far Headingley Dental Care an even happier practice.

For more information please visit our Recruitment page.

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