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Great news if you are interested in our premium combination home & in-surgery teeth whitening system Enlighten…

We have today reduced our Enlighten Teeth Whitening package fees from £699 to £550!!

Enlighten is our favoured technique for teeth whitening. The system utilises a combination whitening technique of home teeth whitening followed by an in surgery teeth whitening session of around an hour. This teeth whitening process is guaranteed to give you a whiter, brighter smile. The technique is painless with no injections and no damage to the teeth or gums. The innovative in-surgery whitening is achieved by activating a special whitening gel on the teeth and must be applied by your dentist. The results can be seen straight away so that you can leave the surgery with a more confident and whiter smile.

How can you reduce the price?

Well it’s simple…We are providing more an more teeth whitening at our dental practice and ‘economies of scale’ mean that we can buy the whitening materials with a greater discount and we’re passing this on to our clients.

There’s even more good news…

You can save an additional 15% off the cost of enlighten with our ‘secret’ website code that can be found on our Promotions page.

To earn your 15% discount simply make an enquiry from our Teeth Whitening Offer page. or call the practice on 0113 275 1323

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