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Here we have an example of how teeth whitening and dental veneers were provide to a client by Dr Precious to address ‘crowding’ within the mouth…

“This patient had crowded upper teeth and ideally wanted to straighten their teeth, but this would have been difficult due their bite (occlusion).

We went through quite a few options and looked at e.max ceramic veneers. As his teeth were quite set back, veneers were going to make the teeth a lot thicker. To get him used to this different feeling in his mouth, I added composite to the teeth to bulk them out and he went away to try this. If he didn’t like them, the temporaries could just be taken off with no lasting effect on the teeth.

He didn’t find the thickness a problem, so we put together a treatment plan for home whitening with Boutique, followed by veneers for 4 anterior (front) teeth.

The home whitening was very successful and gave a nice whiter result which the new veneers could be matched to.

The veneer preparation was very minimal and conservative to maintain as much of his existing, healthy enamel as possible. Temporary veneers were not required. The patient went to the lab for the shade matching and the veneers were fitted 10 days later.


Overall treatment time was 6 weeks which was a lot quicker than orthodontic treatment would have been. He was very pleased with the result”.

Purvi Precious
FHDC’s Principal Dentist
BChD, Leeds (1998), GDC 75353

If you would like to discuss teeth whitening, dental veneers and other cosmetic dentistry available at FHDC with Dr Precious, you can make an enquiry via our Contact page, or simply call us on 0113 275 1323.

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