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A message from Far Headingley Dental Care dental practice owners …

“We wanted to say a huge thank you to a lot of people as we come to end of our third week of being reopened as a dental practice.

Firstly, thank you to our team, who without their hard work and commitment, we wouldn’t have been able to resume dental services on 8 June. It hasn’t been ‘business as usual’ in fact it’s been rather ‘unusual’ with the new safety measures that we have had to put in place including enhanced PPE and social distancing measures. Despite many dental practices in the UK citing various reasons for why they could not open for their patients, we have. Everyone has worked hard with re-configuring the practice, installing and learning our new paperless practice management system, sourcing high grade PPE, implementing new enhanced cross infection control measures, fit-testing PPE etc etc. The list goes on.

The enhanced PPE that our clinical team currently have to wear whilst being extremely safe, isn’t very comfortable and at times makes it harder to communicate, but everyone has faced the challenges head on and has done really well to deliver some excellent dental treatment over these recent weeks. We want to thank all of our clinical team (Gemma, Fauzia, Kim, Megan, Michael and Phil) who have been working these recent weeks. You have been absolute troopers!!!

Secondly, we would like to thank our lovely patients for choosing our practice and being so very supportive during these few weeks. Thank you for all the kind words. We’re sorry that sometimes we have run late. We’re sorry we have had to be strict with you when you arrived at the practice, for the temperature checks, the face coverings and the very alcoholic smelling sanitiser. We’re sorry too for the glitches with our new clini-pads when the wifi kept dropping, the new email system we have been using to communicate all the new rules we need to follow and if you have felt a little bombarded with information. We thank everyone though who has used our new online portal for form filling and for everyone who has booked online with our new system and for the positive feedback on how convenient this has been. We thank you for accepting the social distancing measures. We thank you though for all the comments that our changes have made you feel safe. We have made a lot of changes in a short period of time and it will take a while to make all of these changes slick, but we will get there. We promise.

Finally, we want to thank our friends and family who have provided us with so much support over recent months. It’s been an immense challenge and an emotional roller coaster, but we’re back to what is so very, very important to us… providing high quality (& safe) dental care at FHDC”.

Thank you


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