VIDEO CONSULTATION – Terms & Conditions


We are pleased to offer at FHDC a VIDEO CONSULTATION service where our dentists will be able to provide advice remotely. If you want to discuss a dental-related issue with one of our dental professionals, please call us on 0113 275 1323 or email
This service is for patients registered with FHDC.


Patients will need a computer/tablet/mobile device with internet access, audio & video.
Visit via your device or search “Zoom” via App store on your tablet.
Click ‘Sign up it’s free’ and enter your email address.
Go to your inbox and click the link to activate your Zoom account.
Enter your details and set a password.

Your FHDC dentist will provide you the meeting ID and passcode by email. You will need the meeting ID and passcode to start your video consultation.
Please note: It is the responsibility of the patient to check the Data processing agreement on Zoom’s website before downloading the App onto their devices. FHDC will not be liable to any data breaches between Zoom and the patient.

Important Terms and Conditions:


You should not use Video Consultations if you think your health problem is urgent or an emergency. Video Consultations should, under no circumstance, be used if you are experiencing a medical emergency.
If you think there is any chance that you or the person you are assisting has an urgent or an emergency health need you should immediately dial 999 or seek alternative emergency medical services.
These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions “) set out the basis on which FHDC offers web-based Video Consultations to individuals that enables patients to consult with Dentists.
By using the FHDC Video Consultation service, you confirm that you are accepting these Terms and Conditions in full.

If you do not understand, accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions we are unable to provide you with a video consultation.


To protect the privacy of patients and clinicians, patients and clinicians are not be permitted to make their own recordings or screen shots of video consultations


To access the services, you warrant that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age and possess the legal right, capacity and ability, on your own behalf to accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Under 18’s should attend the consultation with a parent or guardian present.


Our consultations are in 10-minute appointment slots. Where charged for the consultation, you understand and accept that the minimum you can purchase is a complete appointment (of 10 minutes @ £30) and not individual minutes and that using any time in an appointment is the same as using all of it, so you will be charged accordingly. You agree and accept that you will not be entitled to any rebate, refund or compensation as a result of your not using the full length of time available in an appointment.


If you start your appointment late you understand and agree that it is generally not possible to exceed the 10-minute appointment time as there will usually be other patients waiting for their pre-booked appointment time slot after yours. We reserve the right within reason to terminate the video consultation when the 10 minutes have expired or to charge for another full 10-minute appointment if there is time available and no other patient waiting for their appointment. Your dentist will discuss the possibility of extending your appointment should you wish to do this, but you accept that this is often not possible


A consultation is made up of a single appointment. If you wish to have longer than 10 minutes you must request this when making your booking. You will be charged £30 for each additional 10-minute slot you require.


If your consultation is determined by FHDC at its sole discretion to have been disrupted FHDC will refund the amount of the consultation charge to the credit/debit card used at booking.
If you think you are due a refund you must contact us as soon as possible providing details of the consultation and a full description in writing of the issue or concern you are raising. Please follow our complaints procedure.

We do not provide refunds where FHDC is not at fault, including the following circumstances:
If your consultation is disrupted because of your actions, as determined by us exclusively.
If you have missed a booked appointment, as determined by us exclusively. In this instance you will be charged the full appointment fee as described above.
If you do not receive a prescription as a result of a consultation.
If you did not use all available minutes in any appointment that you have started

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