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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are dental restorations that protect damaged, cracked or broken teeth.

A dental crown strengthens your existing, damaged tooth in order to preserve its functionality and improve its appearance. Dental crowns are sometimes known as caps because the crown sits over your existing tooth and covers the entire outer surface.

Some crowns are made from full gold, where as others are made from an alloy of metals fused to a porcelain outer shell. All-porcelain or ceramic crowns are the best choice for a natural cosmetic look. There are many different brands and types of porcelain crowns, and the variation between the costs of dental crowns reflect the quality of the materials used.

A dental crown is placed over the remains of a tooth that may be too damaged to simply placing a filling or to benefit from a dental inlay or onlay. Crowns are often used to protect and improve the look of a tooth and are commonly used after a tooth has had root canal treatment. A crown can be either made of a gold coloured material or a tooth coloured material. Your dentist will advise you as to which type of crown will be best for your tooth.

Benefits of dental crowns

  • The procedure helps protect damaged or broken teeth
  • Can be used after root canal treatment
  • Improves the cosmetic appearance of your tooth
  • Can be matched to your original tooth colour


Why do some crowns go black around the gum line?

After time, crowns that are made from a combination of metal fused to porcelain can begin to show dark gum lines that are not aesthetically attractive. This can be avoided by using precious metals such as gold.

Do dental crowns look nice?

Dental crowns can look like your natural teeth. Because dental crowns encase the visible area of a tooth, porcelain crowns can be colour matched and can be used to enhance the cosmetic appearance of a tooth. Far Headingley Dental Care uses high quality dental laboratories to create aesthetically pleasing dental crowns.

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