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Covid-19 Update


Safety within our dental practice

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The Coronavirus Covid-19 worldwide pandemic has made people think about all aspects of their daily life. New phrases entered our lives such as ‘social distancing’ and ‘Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)’. What does that mean for patients and staff safety at Far Headingley Dental Care?

Firstly, even before Covid-19 UK dentistry was arguably the safest in the world with high levels of regulation. All dental practices have to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and are regularly inspected. The HTM-01-05 cross infection control protocols published by The Department of Health provide a robust framework. FHDC are proud to have adopted these principles and invested in Best Practice sterilisation facilities standards. Not all practices are equal and FHDC is fortunate to have the space and resources to manage cross infection control at the highest standards.

All of the clinical staff at Far Headingley Dental Care are registered with their professional body, the General Dental Council. To maintain GDC registration clinicians have to adhere to a high set of standards and also commit to continuing professional development (CPD).

How has FHDC responded to Covid-19

Whilst the standards for UK dentistry were already very high, these changed during the Red & Amber phases of Government Coronavirus management. All dental practices were instructed to close and new Urgent Dental Centres were set up to deal with managing the most serious dental emergencies during ‘lock-down’. While we were unable to see patients during this period work the FHDC team was hard at work behind the scenes. The management team kept informed of the new standard operating procedures that were being developed for the urgent dental centres and started to plan for the changes that were anticipated once general dental practices would be allowed to open again.

    How has FHDC changed

  • Team training & development
  • New social distancing measures
  • Increased specification PPE
  • PPE Fit Testing equipment & training
  • New sterilisation equipment e.g. foggers to sterilse rooms
  • New IT Hardware and Software to enable better communication, planning and new social distancing systems


Am I safe to visit the dentist?

At FHDC we believe we are a safe practice. We have reviewed the guidelines and acted accordingly to enhance safety at our dental practice.

How will this change my dental experience?

Once we have reviewed all the guidelines and made the necessary changes we will make sure all our patients are updated and informed before they are due to come for an appointment. This may include completing ‘paperwork’ such as medical history and consent forms online or adopting new social distancing measures within the practice. You may notice that the clinical team are wearing different PPE including FFP2 & FFP3 respirator face masks depending on the type of appointment you are attending for.

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