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Enlighten Teeth Whitening

For the best teeth whitening results opt for the Enlighten teeth whitening system.

Our favoured technique for teeth whitening utilises the Enlighten teeth whitening procedure.

This is using a combination whitening technique of home teeth whitening followed by an in surgery teeth whitening booster session of around an hour. This teeth whitening process is guaranteed to give you a whiter, brighter smile.

Here we have examples of before and after Enlighten Teeth Whitening treatment

Before Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Photo before Enlighten Teeth Whitening Treatment

After Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Photo before Enlighten Teeth Whitening Treatment

The technique is painless with no injections and no damage to the teeth or gums. The innovative in-surgery whitening is achieved by activating a special whitening gel on the teeth and must be applied by your dentist or dental therapist. The results can be seen straight away so that you can leave the surgery with a more confident and whiter smile.

This quick and easy method for whitening your smile is ideal if you want to improve your image and confidence before that important job interview, your wedding day or any other important event that you would like to look your best for.

Enlighten teeth whitening

Recommended by cosmetic dentists across the UK

Enlighten Research Labs is the technology leader in professional teeth whitening. They introduce a new system to the market if it represents a generational leap in effectiveness and always back its products with professional training in clinical and management techniques.

By devoting a significant portion of resources to research and development Enlighten Research labs seek to develop proprietary technology. Enlighten also distributes exceptional products for cosmetic dentistry, dental practice marketing and hosts educational events for dental professionals.

It is important that Enlighten teeth whitening should be performed by a dental professional who is trained and experienced in the specific system. Your dentist or dental hygienist can guide you through the teeth whitening process to ensure it is appropriate for your dental health.

4 benefits of Enlighten teeth whitening

  • Guaranteed B1 tooth shade results
  • Immediate results after the in-surgery session
  • Enlighten only takes around 1 hour in surgery
  • Teeth stay whiter longer after combination whitening
  • Use your personal home teeth whitening trays to top up your whitening



Is this the same product as home teeth whitening?

No. The active whitening agent that is used in-home teeth whitening is not as strong as the one used in the Enlighten teeth whitening product. Enlighten has to be administered by your dentist or dental therapist to prevent any problems such as bleaching of the gums or in severe cases, chemical burns.

Why can’t I just have Enlighten teeth whitening in surgery?

The Enlighten system is a combination of home teeth whitening using a milder whitening serum and a stronger serum to boost results. The boost on it’s own is not effective enough to guarantee B1 whitening results.

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