Wedding Dentistry Guide

Smile…It’s your Free Wedding Dentistry Guide!!!

Is a wedding dentist on your wedding planning list? No, read on and you’ll find out why more and more people are choosing a wedding dentist as part of their planning for their special day.

People say that getting married is one of the three most stressful experiences in your life. The other two are apparently moving house and having a baby. Whilst most dentists can’t help you with your home (and babies require minimal intervention from your dentist!) a good wedding dentist can help you achieve your perfect wedding day smile, in a relatively straightforward and stress free way.

The first thing to consider is timing. Don’t leave it too late to start a conversation with your dentist about your teeth and how you smile as some treatments can take several months to complete. Most cosmetic dentists will offer the opportunity to book a free or low cost Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation. In some practices this may be with a treatment coordinator who is usually a dental nurse that has received training to explain the services that their practice offers. Where possible try and book an appointment with a dentist instead. After all, they have the real experience and knowledge about cosmetic dentistry and will more likely be able to provide option that will be suitable for you. During your consultation you will be able to discuss what you are hoping to achieve and the dentist will explain the services that are available at their practice. These services may range from the simple such as stain removal, to the more complex restorative work such as dental implants to replace missing teeth and teeth straightening to straighten crooked teeth. Other practices may offer minor cosmetic surgery too such as Botox, wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers. If you choose these non dental procedures from your dentist ALWAYS check that they are licensed, insured and qualified to do so. Many dental practices do not offer these services as they choose instead to focus on where their expertise lies i.e. dentistry!

Wedding Dentistry Guide

As a broad guide, treatment should really be discussed & planned as follows…

9 Months

Longer treatments such as teeth straightening utilising systems such as Six Month Smiles or Quick Straight Teeth systems should be started.

6 Months

Cosmetic dentistry including dental crowns, bridges and veneers. Whilst these can often be provided in a much shorter timescale than six months, a good dentist will recommended allowing time for any dental work to settle down way before the big day. Dental treatment should not be rushed at the last minute and most people really don’t want to be distracted by the dentist in the weeks prior to their wedding day!

2-3 Months

Teeth whitening using either the combination in surgery teeth whitening system Enlighten or an at home whitening system such as Boutique should be completed. Simple cosmetic procedures including the replacement of silver amalgam fillings and repair of chipped or damaged teeth with dental composites should be completed a few months before your wedding day.

Most dentists who provide teeth whitening systems will also provide ‘top-up’ whitening agent syringes and custom made ‘trays’ so that you can boost the whitening at home before your wedding day.

1 Week

A final freshen up, deep clean and teeth stain removal with your dental hygienist will ensure that your mouth looks and feels beautiful.

Please note that some treatments may take more or less time depending on how complex they are. Dentistry is a very individual and personal process, so always start the conversation early with your dentist in case you need longer.

Wedding dentistry discounts

Some dental practices may offer a small wedding discount if they can provide cosmetic dental treatment to more than one person in your wedding party. It is always worth asking the question as it isn’t just the Bride and Groom who need to look good in their wedding photos. Parents, groomsmen and bridesmaids may also benefit from having straighter and whiter smiles.

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