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Private Dentists – An article on the BBC news website today highlights the fear of increased mouth cancer deaths due to a shortage of NHS dentists in the U.K.

With November being Mouth Cancer Action Month, it is important to understand the role that private dentists like those at Far Headingley Dental Care provide in combatting this issue.

Mouth cancer, a potentially life-threatening condition, often goes unnoticed until it reaches advanced stages. With the global incidence of oral cancer on the rise, the need for proactive preventive measures has become more pronounced than ever. With on 1 in 10 NHS dentists now accepting new patients, the role of the private sector in not just identifying but also preventing mouth cancer cannot be overstated.

Early Detection and Screening of Mouth Cancer by Private Dentists

Regular dental check-ups at private clinics allow for the early identification of potential abnormalities, including unusual growths, lesions, or discoloured patches in the mouth. With more time usually available during a private appointment, private dentists can conduct meticulous examinations that may be more comprehensive than those available in NHS dental practices, leading to the prompt identification of potential precancerous or cancerous lesions.

Dental practices frequently offer tailored preventive strategies to individuals based on their specific risk factors. Factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor oral hygiene, and certain viral infections significantly increase the likelihood of developing oral cancer. Dentists are adept at identifying these risk factors during patient consultations and can develop personalised prevention plans that include lifestyle modifications, regular screenings, and targeted education on maintaining optimal oral health.

Here at Far Headingley Dental Care in Leeds, our Dental Check-Ups are provided through our patient friendly 13 point dental health check. Read more about this here on our dental check ups page. 


Education and Awareness of Oral Cancer by Dentists

Private dentists often prioritise patient education and awareness as a crucial part of their preventive approach. They actively engage with their patients, providing in-depth information about the causes and early signs of oral cancer. This educational component empowers individuals to recognise potential symptoms and encourages them to seek timely professional intervention. Through one-on-one discussions and informative materials, private dentists can effectively communicate the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene, avoiding harmful habits, and attending regular check-ups for the timely detection of any suspicious changes in the oral cavity.

In-Depth Follow-Up Private Dental Care

Private dental practices are known for their emphasis on comprehensive follow-up care. After identifying any suspicious signs during routine examinations, private dentists are well-equipped to provide thorough follow-up assessments and initiate prompt referrals to specialists for further evaluation and treatment. Their ability to closely monitor patients’ oral health status over time allows for a proactive approach that can significantly improve the chances of detecting oral cancer at its early stages, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful treatment and improved outcomes.


In the fight against oral cancer, private dentists serve as indispensable allies, offering a multi-faceted approach to prevention that goes beyond mere treatment. Through their specialised knowledge, personalised care, and access to advanced technologies, private dentists are uniquely positioned to detect early warning signs, educate patients, and provide comprehensive follow-up care, significantly reducing the impact of this potentially devastating disease. By recognising the critical role of private dentists in preventing mouth cancer, individuals can proactively prioritize their oral health, thereby minimising the risks associated with this silent yet formidable threat.

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At FHDC we are not bound be the restrictions found within NHS dentistry. We are proud to have been fully independent as a dental practice for 18 years. If you are concerned about dental fees, we offer a comprehensive monthly payment plan which costs less than a daily cup of coffee.

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