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7 Reasons why FHDC is the best dentist in Leeds…

Without wanting to blow our own trumpets, we feel that we’re the ideal new dental practice if you are searching for a new dentist. Here’s the 7 reasons why we feel Far Headingley Dental Care is the best dentist in Leeds…

1. Our dentists are very talented

There are three dentists currently working at FHDC –  Dr Stow, Dr Tan, & Dr Ben Wright ; Between them they bring a wide range of talents and services (including general, cosmetic and emergency dentistry.

To qualify as a dentist in the U.K. you have to pass one of the hardest dental degree courses in the world. This takes 5 years. This is followed by a year of vocational dental training.

Before joining the team, all of FHDC’s dentists have worked both within the NHS and also in other private dental practices, to hone their skills before joining the private dental team. All of the dentists are also committed to ongoing continuing professional development and training to further enhance their skills and talents.

2. The wider dental team is also highly skilled

The clinical team of dental hygienists, dental nurses, receptionists and our practice manager are also very skilled.

All qualified members of our clinical team are registered with the General Dental Council (you can search the register here for anyone practicing in the UK to check). They too are also committed to ongoing training and development, to ensure FHDC continues to be able to deliver the best dental care it can.

3. The team is very friendly & caring

People skills and a caring approach to the care of patients at Far Headingley Dental Care is very important. FHDC aims to only recruit people that are empathetic, caring and easy to talk to. Dentistry is a very intimate and personal service. It is important that patients are able to easily talk to the whole of the dental team.

If you want the best dentist in Leeds, you need to be reassured by a caring service. That is offered at FHDC

4. FHDC’s building and location are very special

The dental practice is located within the Far Headingley Conservation area in North Leeds which is leafy and green. The convenient location also boasts it’s own large private car park for patients. The large Victorian building is large and spacious with plenty of rooms and facilities for both patients and team.

5. The dental membership plan offer fantastic benefits.

As a dental membership practice, a comprehensive FHDC Essentials Care Plan has been crafted for patients. This offers new patients great services, benefits and cost savings versus traditional pay as you go dental care.

Here is a link to a handy dental fee comparison for the dental care plan versus historical pay as you go dental costs.

6. There is investment in modern dental equipment & materials

Whilst the dental practice is located in a lovely old Victorian building, FHDC continues to invest in modern dental surgeries, dental equipment and dental materials and processes. This helps ensure that the dental services we provide are some of the best in Leeds.


7. It is a very safe dental practice

UK dentistry has some of the strictest safety rules for dental hygiene and cross infection control in the world. FHDC adheres to these principles and will often go beyond what is required, if this helps keeps patients and team safe.

Does this sound like FHDC ticks the box for you as the best dentist in Leeds? Please call us on 0113 275 1323 during our normal opening hours to have a chat with our lovely reception team. Alternatively if you would like to register online 24 / 7 …  you can by clicking here to our new patients page.

It’s very easy to join Far Headingley Dental Care!

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