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FHDC Dentist Dr Dhera, demonstrates some great ‘everyday dentistry’

A better smile is not limited to film stars and social media influencers. It is a desire shared by many individuals seeking to enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence.

Dentists such as FHDC’s Dr Dhara Khera, play a crucial role in helping people achieve a better smile through various ‘everyday’ dental treatments. These can include partial dentures, teeth whitening, and composite bonding. Here we have a few recent cases from Dhara that demonstrate how she has helped her patients with her dental treatment.

Rather than “Instagram Images”, these are ‘technical’ dental photos that Dhara has used for dental treatment planning and management. We thought some readers might appreciate seeing these before and after images if they are considering similar dental treatment.

1. Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are removable dental appliances that replace missing teeth. Dhara work closely with this patient to design and create custom-made partial dentures that fitted comfortably and blended seamlessly with their natural teeth. By restoring missing teeth, Dr Khera helped the patient to improve their ability to chew properly, speak clearly and smile more confidently.

2. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is another popular cosmetic dental procedure that we provide at our dental clinic. This patient was seen by Dr Khera and requested help improving the whiteness of their teeth. Dhara used professional grade teeth whitening agents and special dental techniques, to restore a lighter, more natural tooth colour. This simple procedure had a positive impact on the patient’s smile and overall appearance. They were delighted.

At FHDC we offer two types of teeth whitening. The first, Boutique Whitening is our “at home tooth whitening system”. The second, Enlighten Whitening, is our combined at home and in surgery teeth whitening system that provides guaranteed tooth whitening results.


3. Combining Dental Treatments

These final before and after treatment photos demonstrate how sometimes it is necessary to combine several treatments to achieved the desired result.

For this last patient Dr Khera firstly provided teeth whitening to lighten the teeth to their desired appearance. She then used composite bonding materials to improve the shape and functionality of the patients’ teeth. Finally, after the extraction of a severely damaged tooth, a new bespoke denture was created. Again the patient was delighted with the outcome.


Dental practice advertising and imagery can lean towards dazzling white and youthful smiles.

Hopefully these before and after dental treatment images have  demonstrated that dentists like Dr Khera are not solely focused on catering to those individuals who desire a Hollywood smile (though we can of course help people achieve that). Our dentists are dedicated to helping all of our patients achieve a better smile through accessible dental treatments, like these partial dentures, teeth whitening, and composite bonding.

If you would like to book a new dental patient consultation, you can do 24 / 7 via our new patients page. Alternatively please call us on 0113 275 1323 during normal opening hours.

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