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Mr Chris Beech talks about a recent case…

“I enjoy solving problems for my patients and I am particularly proud of the results that I can achieve through Invisalign teeth straightening.
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This lady was concerned about the colour and crowding of her teeth.  She also had a retained baby tooth as she was missing her upper left canine.


I first aligned her teeth using Invisalign. These custom made clear braces gently realign teeth over a few months. The patient received a series of aligners to wear every day. These were changed at home every few weeks. A visit to see me every 6-8 weeks enabled me to monitor progress and then prescribe new aligners for the next stage or realignment.

Once the teeth had been straightened, I provided tooth whitening using the excellent Boutique home whitening system. This is included free at FHDC with every completed teeth straightening treatment.


Finally once we were both happy with whitened teeth colour, I then disguised the baby tooth with a freehand composite veneer.

Both the patient and I were delighted with the final results”.

Mr Chris Beech
FHDC Dentist
BDS, Birmingham (2016), GDC 265542

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